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Event Magnets

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Event sign by Rockford Signs - Course Official Magnet

This magnet can be used to mark the vehicle of the crew responsible for route markings and staff support.

Event sign by Rockford Signs - Course Marshall Magnet

This magnet can be used to identify the vehicle of personnel appointed with authority during the race to enforce rules or guide participants.

Event sign by Rockford Signs - First Aid Magnet

This magnet is applied to the vehicles containing support staff where medical attention is required.

Event sign by Rockford Signs - Race Lead Magnet

For events where a lead vehicle is used, this magnet will identify the vehicle to participants and spectators.

Event sign by Rockford Signs - Sag Wagon

This magnet is typically used for organized bicycle rides to identify the vehicle designated to pick up riders who are not able to complete the entire course.

*Rental prices:

The rental duration is two weeks.  The delivery of the rented materials is scheduled to arrive 5 to 6 days prior to the event.  This is to allow for ample time to compensate for any delays with the shipment and to allow time to inspect materials for order completeness.  After the event, enough time is allowed to gather, organize, and return the rented materials.  Orders not returned within the contracted timeframe will be charged an additional two week rental.  Orders not returned within 15 days of contracted return date will be charged the full purchase price and will not be required to be returned.  Please understand that our business model depends on having items returned in a reasonable time so that we may be able to rent them out to the next customer.  Individual items that are returned with excessive damage or items that are not included with the return of the balance of materials will be charged their full purchase price.  Payment terms for rental items are as follows.  If paying by check, one check for the rental fee and one check for the deposit will be required prior to shipping the order.  The check for the rental fee will be deposited immediately.  The check for the deposit will be held until after the event and the return of the rented items.  If the items are returned in good order the check will be returned.  If items are not returned or are returned with damage, then the deposit check will be deposited and we will issue a return check for the balance.  If paying by credit card, the rental fee will be charged prior to shipment.  Any additional fees for unreturned or damaged materials will be charged separately.